Several of the club members own SM32 rolling stock, But not all possess facilities to run  them at home. Llyn Celyn Falls was mainly built as a showcase for the club members to have the opportunity to run their stock.

    The layout measures 9 ft x 10 ft and has 3 ft radius curves throughout, consisting of a single track oval with a siding at the front and a passing loop in the fiddle yard.

    Initially all track was hand laid in code ??? flat bottom rail nailed to the baseboards through plywood sleepers and a layer of vinyl floor covering.  The purpose of the vinyl layer is to protect the baseboards from water, oil and fuel spillage (and the occasional fire).

    Eventually it was decided that the track
needed to be replaced due to several factors

   1) Quite a few derailments occurred due to the rolling stock catching on the nails used    to fasten the rail to the baseboards.

   2) The track had started to look old and grotty  and had been damaged several times while in transit.

   It was therefore decided to relay the track with a larger section brass bull head rail and plastic chairs in hardwood sleepers.

    It was also decided to lay the main loop as  Dual gauge  32 mm and 45 mm to cater for anyone who had LGB stock or similar (1 member known at present). This process began in September 1998 and was completed 1 week before our exhibition on 31st October 1998.
    All the points are hand built and dual gauge and at present are not electrically insulateddue to the fact that only battery or live steam loco's are used at the moment.  Again the track was laid on vinyl to protect from spillages.

    All the scenery on the layout is in the form of removeable modules (11 in total) in order to make transportation easier.

    Llyn Celyn Falls has attended several exhibitions other than Barnsley, The most recent being the Cleveland Model Railway Exhibition in Redcar during August 1998.

    Among the rolling stock that is regularly operated on the layout at exhibitions are models of Lynton & Barnstaple Railway coaches which suprisingly easily negotiate the 3ft radius curves.

    A video clip of is available for anyone who would like to see Llyn Celyn Falls in operation, to view it click on the picture of our youngest club member Ian Devonport aged 8yrs. When the clip has finished loading click on the image displayed to start the video clip

       This is only a brief description of the layout and will be updated and expanded in the near future. In the meantime if anyone would like any more information about Llyn Celyn Falls or availability for exhibitions please E-mail the Club Secretary.